About Us

Bridging the Gap between philanthropy and commerce

A Peruvian woman wearing a bright blue shirt kneels down in a field.

About CARE Social Ventures

CARE has the world’s largest owned and operated global pipeline of Social Enterprises – however, philanthropy and aid won’t end global poverty alone. CARE Social Ventures uses market-based approaches to bridge the gap between philanthropy and commerce.

All of our social enterprises are created and operated locally in CARE’s 90+ country offices, using the power of business and markets to reduce poverty. Our goal is to transform businesses into financially self-sustaining Social Enterprises.

We estimate a pipeline worth $7.5 – $15 billion in ‘convertible’ programs, and that approximately 5-10% of philanthropic programs can be transformed into social businesses.

Our goal is to raise the investment funds that grow our portfolio of enterprises so we can continue providing jobs, income, and services for people lifting themselves out of poverty.